D.M.P. PROMET LTD. is a private company owned by Mirko Perkovic and his family, dating back to 1992., when it was founded and licenced. The address of the company's headquarters is Isce 4f., Zagreb and its branch office is in Vladimira Nazor Street 10, Gradici, Velika Gorica. We are in business sucessfully for 12 years, which we credit to the quality of our service, and also to our flexibility, corectness, and respectable business policy. The basic activity of D.M.P. PROMET is local and international transport of goods.

We own twenty Euro2 and Euro3 vehicles, from which twelve are Tilt trailers (trailers or trautliners), one refridgerated truck, three tipper trucks with capacity of 17 m3, two long tipper trucks with capacity of 24 m3 and two delivery vans.

Our company is well known for its abilities to organize transport, for dealing with transport of special or scattered cargo, and also as a special service we provide digging. We deal in secure warehousing, freight forwarding and dispatching and also with customs formalities.
Due to constant changes of the market, our company is continiously expanding and improving in order to safisfy a wide range of customers

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Hr. Ivica (Ivan)

Vladimira Nazora 10, Gradic 10410

Telefon : 00385 /1 6215 731/

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